Why Vote No On Prop. 480

NO on Prop. 480 Encourages Maricopa County Voters to Vote NO on Prop 480:

  • Prop 480 is very bad timing for property taxpayers. Arizona lost 40% of its property tax base from FY10 to FY14. The effective tax rates on property taxpayers went up as much as 30% over that time period. $1.6 billion in new taxes is not what those struggling property taxpayers need now
  • Prop 480 is Bad Timing in the Healthcare Industry – Unprecedented uncertainty in health care nationwide due to ACA – Arizona expanded access to Medicaid, implemented 1 Jan ’14 
  • Prop 480 Uses Tax Dollars to Compete Against Private Hospitals – Clinic expansion will compete against private hospitals, clinics – Private hospitals are prepared to meet vast majority of medical needs 
  • Prop 480 Only Asks Maricopa Residents to Pay Again – Arizonans are paying to expand Medicaid (insurance for the poor) – County taxpayers already pay $65 million/year for MIHS – No other county will pay for this statewide/regional facility

Organizations Opposed to Proposition 480